Drone Photography Information

Interested in getting some drone photography done? Want to add in some high-flying videography or shots to a project? Wanting to add that extra flair to a real estate listing? Listed here are the some estimate prices for Skewed Motion Media to fly for you. Actual costs may vary based on needs, travel distance, and post-production requirements.

Why include drone photography?

  • Drones move easily above and around areas that would normally be inaccessible
  • Drones can create HD videos and give the potential buyer a better idea about the property as a whole
  • An aerial video can serve as a virtual tour – from the entrance to the backyard
  • Buyers are looking for interactive and realistic representations of properties, aerial videos can provide that
  • Drones may be getting more inexpensive as time passes but the learning curve to fly them is steep and a certification is legally required
  • A drone can help you establish a reputation as an innovative real estate agent who is willing to embrace new trends and use those to benefit clients
Service Estimated Price
Photography (5-10 photos) $80
Video (30 seconds - 1 minute) $200

Request a quote

If you would like a quote on drone photography and videography services,  click the Request A Quote button on the left side menu. Please include the following that apply.

  • Approximate location of proposed shoot
  • Approximate timeframe (How soon do you need pictures, do you need the pictures taken on a specific day)
  • How many pictures or length of video you are looking for
  • What is being photographed (ex: House, three story building, our wedding party)

What types of projects can a drone photograph?

  • Anything that you would like to see from above!
  • Real Estate - Commercial, residential, or anything else
  • Your wedding
  • Landmarks that you would like to have a picture of
  • The new house you're building
  • Awesome footage of you racing your dirt bikes
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